In the last half!

As of now, I have completed 22 of the 40 radiation therapy sessions. The prior week of therapies has been very routine, and coupled with fewer digestive issues than I had initially. Several times when I arrived early – which I normally do – I was told to drink the required glass of water almost immediately. That meant that the technicians intended to do my therapy sooner than scheduled for the day – which meant I could return home sooner as well. Though I'm always scheduled for therapy on a machine on the fourth floor, several times I was moved to the second floor to get my therapy done on time. I find that very encouraging.

In this week's conversation with radiation oncologist Dr. Shasha, I learned that the radiation would be more limited for the final fifteen sessions, focused just on the immediate area around the prostate location rather than the entire pelvis. That means, according to the doctor, that the laxative impact of radiation will be reduced.

Though my cells producing PSA were to limited to be found with MRI scans, the high probability is that they're located in one or more of the many lymph nodes near the prostate gland. Of course, when removed, it appeared that the tumor had not gotten close to the prostate exterior, which means the chance of recurrence is low. Surprisingly, there is a small chance that biopsy's cell extraction can result in cells spreading. Obviously the biopsy benefit outweighs that risk – but it's reminder that virtually no medical procedure is truly free of risk.

In any case I was one of the 30% of guys who have some level of recurrence after their prostatectomy. Obviously I now hope I'm going to join the 70% of guys who never need any further therapy!