“I believe in the Old Banana...

...but the Old Banana don't believe in me.” (I originally wrote “doesn't believe in me, but then remembered it actually comes out with “don't” for no reason I can think of.)

I have no idea where this came from, but when I'm all alone at home and a bit bored – especially when doing chores like washing dishes – I sometimes find myself either saying or singing this.

Today I finally decided to see if there was any way to find out how this might have popped into my mind.

When I did a Google search for “i believe in the old” the top hit was “JD Sumner and The Stamps I Believe in The Old Time Way”, a YouTube video for a song that I'd never heard before and didn't seem to be the source.

For “i believe in the old banana” I didn't get any hits at all, which is no surprise. For the search “i believe in the old” “but the old” “doesn't believe in me” I got no results at all. I did that search just in case I was using “Old Banana” to replace something else in a lyric such as “I believe in the Old ?? but the Old ?? doesn't believe in me.” Nope, no results.

What did get a hit was “I believe in God, but God doesn’t believe in me” which landed me on Christian Atheist | I believe in God, but God doesn’t believe in me. – Rurel Ausley. So I searched Rurel Ausley and found he was the lead pastor in a Methodist church in Niceville, Florida. Interesting, but nothing that reminded me of anything that might have stuck in my mind. The other interesting was that there were a number of Vimeo videos that all had the preface “Christian Atheist” with links to the website of “Crosspoint” which says it is multi-site church located in Florida.

All of this appears to have nothing to do with “I believe in the Old Banana but the Old Banana don't believe in me” – but it was a nice digression from the thankless coop board-related work I've been doing today.